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The Research Consortium for Medical Image Analysis (RECOMIA) is a not-for-profit organization with the objective to promote research in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and medical imaging. 


AI is about to transform the field of medical imaging and we want to facilitate this development by providing AI-based tools for automated quantification of CT, PET/CT, SPECT/CT and MR images to academic researchers. 

The tools have been developed in different research projects during the last four years. Researchers from the fields of radiology, nuclear medicine, oncology and mathematics have worked together in these multidisciplinary projects. Many of the researchers in the RECOMIA network have long experience of projects dealing with quantitative analysis of diagnostic images.

The tools are not for clinical use and not available for commercial purposes.


AI-Based Tools for Automated Quantification

Our AI-based tools have been trained to segment and quantify more than 100 organs and regions in 3D medical images. The tools can easily be applied to new studies in new projects using our browser-based platform following these four steps:
     1      De-identification and secure transfer of studies to the research server
     2     AI-based tool customized for the project is applied
     3     Manual quality check and adjustment if needed using display module with annotation tool
     4     Quantitative results calculated and presented in csv format


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GDPR and HIPAA compliance

Our research platform hosts and processes fully de-identified image data only. Automatic patient de-identification is an integral part of our platform, which ensures no sensitive data ever leaves the contributing researcher's closed network. Our research platform includes secure and HIPAA compliant cloud storage for all the data we host and process.

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