Data Security

Updated: 6 September, 2018
When you trust us with your data, we go to great lengths to ensure the highest security. The RECOMIA servers are located in Sweden, and all data is backed up and encrypted using SHA-256 on a daily basis. Primary backup-center is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and secondary disaster recovery center is located in Karlstad, Sweden. Encrypted backups are also stored on the secure Google Drive platform.
RECOMIA have achieved a high overall security rating from Qualys, Inc. SSL Labs - one of the leading providers of integrated cloud infrastructure security. This means that the risk of your data being compromised is very low.
Our Information Security Team is constantly monitoring our systems to identify potential security risks. We conduct manual security tests, and check for vulnerabilities using automated scanning tools. Our test are designed to discover risks relating to:
  • Authentication (registration, login, password enforcement, etc.)
  • Session Management (token security, session replay, session termination, etc.)
  • Access Control (properly securing access to resources and data)
  • Error Handling (verbose or inconsistent errors)
  • Input Validation and Injection (SQL, SOAP, XPATH, Email, LDAP, HTTP, etc.)
  • Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) and Cross Site Request Forgery (CSRF)


Overall security rating
Qualys, Inc.. SSL Labs.