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Available tool

Updated: 20 December, 2018
Image annotation and workflows
Manual annotation tools
The annotation tools works across all image types, and makes it easy to label directly in the images. A wide range of capabilities for manual image annotation including pencil, polygon, and ROI tools making the annotation process as smooth as possible. 
Automatic annotation
Build-in convolutional neural networks that enables academics to annotate their imaging data (CT, SPECT/CT, PET/CT, MRI, etc.) with 78 unique ROI automatically. Reports of quantification are avilable for download.
Automatic quantification
Quantification tools gives you the possibility to extract exactly the information you need.
Annotation service
Tell us what you need to analyse, and our network of certified radiologists and other imaging experts will analyse and annotate your data.
Customized workflow
Create your own workflow, delegate access and create tasks with one simple dashboard.
Pixel redaction
Personal health information (PHI) can be stored anywhere, and is often found in both DICOM tags and directly in pixel data. Our optical character recognition system wil automatically detect and redact sensitive patient infomration embedded in the images.
DICOM tag scanner
Scan your DICOM tags for PHI or other information that can be indirectly used to identify patients, such as, referring physicians, institution, time of study, etc. The DICOM tag scanner will reduce the risk of patient re-identification by applying these reduction techniques. data generalisation, data suppression/masking, and diversity/closeness models. Files are not uploaded, all processing is done in your web browser.
Data storage and retrieval
Secure storage
Store your data securely and make it easily accessible to your team accross destinations in our modern cloud-based repositories. We use up-to-date technologies to prevent loss of your data or unauthorized access. Our systems have been awarded the highest security rating as per Qualys, Inc. SSL Labs - one of the leading providers of integrated cloud infrastructure security. This means that the risk of your data being compromised is very low. Learn more about security
Archive and drotect data
Numerous levels of permissiona allows you to easily manage who can access, view or edit your data.
External collaboration
Share your data with well-scoped permissions with people inside or outside your institution.
DICOM viewer
Our online DICOM viewer works across all image types.
Our research forum work with all image motalities, including PET/CT, SPECT/CT, CT, and MRI.
Well-packaged and documented analytics tools for reproducibility.
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