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Pixel scanner

Personal health information (PHI) can be stored anywhere, and is often found in both DICOM tags and directly in pixel data. Use this pixel scanner to scan and redact sensitive personal health information (PHI) embedded in your pixel data. Files are not uploaded, all processing is done in your web browser.
Locally in your browser
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About the pixel scanner
Drag and drop your files to our pixel scanner to enable our AI powered OCR (optical character recognition) engine. The engine will automatically scan your files for sensitive information embedded in the pixel data. You will be notified and can easily redact the data should we find anything sensitive.
Our OCR engineruns locally on your device.
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Dataset annotation is a major barrier to the develop of machine learning models in diagnostic imaging.
With RECOMIA Cloud you get instant access to our comprehensive library of high quality annotated medical images, and collaborative tools that makes crating high quality training data a dramatically smoother process.
About our neural networks
List of automated labels


RECOMIA Cloud is a secure and HIPAA compliant platform that allows you to collaborate and share medical imaging data inside or outside your institution.
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