The Research Consortium for Medical Image Analysis (RECOMIA) is a not for profit organization with the objective of promoting research in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and medical imaging.

An article presenting the RECOMIA platform can be found here.

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RECOMIA invites nuclear medicine specialists, radiologists, technologists, physicists and others interested in AI and medical imaging to participate in our projects.

All participants get one month free access to the e-learning site eScan Academy when the project is finished.

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Are you part of a research group? Are you interested in AI in medical imaging? Do you want to apply our AI-based tools to your data?

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This abstract, to be presented at the upcoming virtual European Association of Nuclear Medicine (EANM) congress 2020, was based on the RECOMIA platform:


  • Artificial intelligence can warn for focal skeleton/bone marrow uptake in Hodgkin lymphoma patients staged with FDG-PET/CT. M Sadik, J Lopes-Urdaneta, J Ullén, O Enqvist, A Krupic, R Kumar, PO Andersson, E Trägårdh, L Edenbrandt. 

This abstract, presented at the virtual Society of Nuclear Medicine and Molecular Imaging (SNMMI) congress 2020, was based on the RECOMIA platform:


  • Application of convolutional neural network to123I-MIBG SPECT imaging: automatic quantitation vs. manual measurements. S Saito, K Nakajima, L Edenbrandt, O Enqvist, J Ulen, S Kinuya. 


Three abstracts at the virtual European Congress of Radiology (ECR) 2020 were based on the RECOMIA platform. One of abstracts was:

  • RECOMIA – a Cloud-based platform for Artificial Intelligence research in radiology. P Borrelli, E Trägårdh, R Kaboteh, T Gillberg, J Ulén, O Enqvist, L Edenbrandt. 

  • RECOMIA-a cloud-based platform for artificial intelligence research in nuclear medicine and radiology. Trägårdh E, Borrelli P, Kaboteh R, Gillberg T, Ulén J, Enqvist O, Edenbrandt L. EJNMMI Phys. 2020:4;7:51.


  • Deep learning‐based quantification of PET/CT prostate gland uptake: association with overall survival. Polymeri E, Sadik M, Kaboteh R, Borrelli P, Enqvist O, Ulén J, Ohlsson M, Trägårdh E, Poulsen MH, Simonsen JA, Hoilund-Carlsen PF, Johnsson ÅA, Edenbrandt L. Clin Physiol Funct Imaging. 2020;40:106-113.


  • Deep learning for segmentation of 49 selected bones in CT scans: First step in automated PET/CT-based 3D quantification of skeletal metastases. Lindgren Belal S, Sadik M, Kaboteh R, Enqvist O, Ulén J, Poulsen MH, Simonsen J, Høilund-Carlsen PF, Edenbrandt L, Trägårdh E. Eur J Radiol 2019;113:89-95.